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Does Your Business Need Data Communication Management?

Communication is simply the sharing of messages where the conversation can be communication between two individuals or more. Data communication is the exchange of virtual message between sources and receiver through different sources such as wired cable. All electronic communications such as emails, instant messages as well as phone calls are examples of data communication. When the communicating devices are in the same geographical region or building then it is said to be local.

Source and receiver are very simple terms that are used in the transmission of data. The device that transmits data is known as the source while the device that receives data is known as the receiver. Data communication aids in the transfer and maintenance of data during the process however it does not participate in the actual generation of data from the source to the receiver.

Components of data communication

The basic components of data communication are the same as the typical communication processes. You will need to have a sender in order to transmit the message and a receiver that will act as the destination. Take the simple electronic communication of an email as an example. The computer in which you use to type in the email is known as data communication transmitter while the typed message is known as the destination and is the equivalent of a receiver.


Simplex channel is the simplest form of communication where message is communicated in one channel without the option of a receiver. The radio is a good example of a receiver. Data communication that takes place through back and forth but not simultaneously is known as half-duplex system. A good example of a half-duplex system is known as a phone conversation. Full-duplex system allows users to communicate simultaneously for example, instant messenger where two people could be typing at the same time.


Data communication make the use of a serial transmission where message is broken down into small data packages and then transmitted to its destination. Upon arrival the messages are repackaged into a sequential order so as it resembles the original message. Parity is attached to each data package so that it can be able to detect possible errors and alert you whenever it is necessary.


Data communication is affected by distance where long distance communication requires the use of LAN that is local area communication which are often built into computers. Analog carrier signals that are digitally modulated are often used for vast distance phone calls.

Type of data transmission

The cable system, home phone and your personal computer all work through diverse forms of data transfer. The process of transmitting a message occurs through a million ways without us being aware of how to use it. Modern day, data transfer can be broken down into a few basic types.


Simplex communication systems send message in one direction only. The transmitter operates as the source of the message and the receiver acts as the destination of the message. Radio stations and TV broadcasts all act as simplex data communication channels. With simplex channel, there is no proof that the receiver will respond to the message. For example, when a radio station is playing music on your car radio. The song that is playing is the data being transferred and the radio does not give you the opportunity to send the message back.

Half duplex

Half-duplex is a data communication system that reads messages in both directions but the messages can only be transferred one at a time. When one of the parties begins sending a transmission then the receiver has to wait until the signal stops before it stops to respond. When two of the data transfer fail to send messages at the same time then they both fail. Its system is not built to send messages in both directions simultaneously.

Full duplex

Full duplex refers to a form of communication that works at the same time. It is made of two simplex channels where one works as the forward channel and the other as the reserve channel. Both channels then link up together at both ends. A good example of a duplex channels is a landline telephone. Whenever you are talking to a telephone and you both parties have the ability to communicate in both ways then the data is carried simultaneously.


Serial communication takes data communication breaks it into small pieces and then sends the message through a channel. The receiver collects the small bits of information and reassembles it in order to compose the original message. Serial communication on the other hand is the most common type of communication between electronic devices. For instance, when data is transferred from a modem to a service provider.

Importance in business

Data communication is the cornerstone of most businesses as it entails the transfer of digital data from an external sending device to a receiver. It is the cornerstone of most modern telecommunication. Telephones, the internet, computer and wireless technology have all transformed the modern-day society with virtually diverse forms of personal and business realms. All types of businesses based around the internet rely on data communication management systems. This includes everything from online retailers to adult oriented sites. An escort review site like skipthegames (seen here) shares information about adult services based on the location of its users. This requires several different types of data to be transferred to and from different sources in order to operate effectively.

Data communication is an essential concept in the creation of computer networks. Before its invention it was very hard for data to transfer data as they had to be physically transported from one device to another. It is never easy with digital networks in that it cannot be accomplished quickly. This kind of ability has driven the computer industry including software innovations as well as the creation of the internet as a medium of exchange by both the public and professionals. It is an ever-growing industry and more and more people are connecting their devices which has resulted in a scope that is increasingly exponentially.

Due to the advancement in data communication and technology, people are able to communicate and share information virtually and simultaneously across the globe. Businesses are able to take place in different places regardless of where individual parties are located. This implies that it is not an exaggeration that modern societies rely on data communications for them to function.…