Lightweight Show Literature

This year at Lotusphere 2012, we are continuing our practice of providing our "literature on a business card." That means if our products are interesting, you can simply take a card and get the rest of the information online, where it is always more current.

Here is a sample of our "literature" which is the size of a business card:

A picture named M2

It contains a QR Reader to jump to our website, and some simple product and contact information.

As Antoine Leboyer at GSX mentioned in his blog post Being Green at Lotusphere, "ask yourself whether you really keep and read all these papers which vendors like us give you".

We agree and we hope more vendors adopt "lightweight literature", as it makes for a greener and lighter user experience at Lotusphere.


App to Locate Friends at LS2012

Kudos to Mats Jansson of Donova.se for building a really useful iPhone and iPad app to locate and connect with friends at Lotusphere 2012.

It is useful to find one friend among the 10,000 delegates. The friend could be right around the corner and you can see them and stop and talk with them.

To use it, all you need to do is register your name, email, company and country. You can then make and receive friend requests. There are three options to show limited numbers of people. My Friends shows a single friend at a time. My Company shows all people in your company. My Country shows all people from a single Country (all Swedish people, for example).

A small problem is that you cannot see only your friends, so you could see the 50 people you interact with most often (Mats Jansson says this can be changed, but Apple takes 10 days to approve changes, which will miss Lotusphere).

Here is a map of the United States with locations, showing the initial installation of the app:

A picture named M2

Mats is working on an Android version as I write this, and I will post and tweet the location to download that version as it becomes available.

You can find it on the Apple app store:



NotesAppStore renamed to JustForDomino

So we are re-launching the NotesAppStore as JustForDomino.  Why?

Well, I could cite the many people who said it is not really a store, but that's not why.

I could say we wanted a more memorable name, but that's not why.

Maybe it is a re-launch of the site, which is partially true.

Or maybe AppStore is a registered Apple trademark, although Amazon does not agree (see their AppStore here).  Anyway, Apple didn't like the way we used the term AppStore, leaving me a choice between wasting money defending a name for a free website or to cut my losses. After careful consideration (i.e. 30 seconds of deliberations), I decided to change the name.
Yes, that's why.



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