Waikiki Celebrates Hawaii's Love of Canned Spam

The WAIKIKI SPAM JAM Festival is a street festival that celebrates the people of Hawaii's love for SPAM products a canned meat from Hormel Foods. In Hawaii, you will find SPAM family of products at all grocery and convenience stores, many restaurants and in most homes in Hawaii. 

According to Barbara Campbell, vice president of Outrigger Enterprises Group, one of the event’s founding sponsors, more SPAM  is consumed per person in Hawaii than is consumed in any other state in the United States. "Each place in the world seems to have its own signature food festival. With almost seven million cans of SPAM eaten every year in Hawaii, a festival featuring SPAM seemed appropriate."

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Here are some of the recipes titles:

SPAM PAN LAU LAU: A variation on an authentic Hawaiian Favorite
SPAMAKOPITA: A variation on Spinach Pie
SPAM  Musubi: Sushi with a twist
Hawaiian SPAM Sandwich: Pineapple and Spam !!
SPAM Okonomiyaki (Japanese Pancake)
Loaded Potato Skins with SPAM
Ono Mac & Cheese with SPAM

"Since it’s inception in 2002, the Waikiki SPAM JAM Festival has become one of the most popular festivals in Hawaii. This year, we’re expecting more than 20,000 people to join the festivities in Waikiki," Campbell said.

If you want to try these recipes from SpamJam at home, you can find some of these recipes here:

SPAM is a registered trademark of Hormel Foods, Inc.



Unified by Spam - The Social Experiment

This is a fun story of a spam attack that ends up uniting a group of people. As reported in the Wall Street Journal article, a spam message sent to a listserv address created an auto-reply to all. Many other people replied-to-all with "remove". This happened over and over. Finally, one user said:

 "Do people understand that, by replying to all, you're perpetuating this ridiculous spam cycle?" someone from the U.K. wrote. "I realize that I'm doing exactly the same by sending this message, but I thought it was an observation worth airing to the group."

To which others "replied-to-all" to agree, adding more noise and some anger.

But a funny thing happened along the way: The mutual misery of spam hell changed into a sort of comradery, uniting many of the spam victims. As the WSJ reports:

Then, the tone suddenly changed. Padraig Belton, a writer in London, made a suggestion: "Personally, I feel that after this many emails from you lot, we should all knock off together to the pub."

His motion was seconded. "Hello from Canada, all!…  Where's the pub?"

"I am in," wrote a third person. "And, yes, I know in replying to all, I am adding to the madness."

But the best part of the story is the creation of a LinkedIn group, called Unified by Spam - The Social Experiment.

Here the members can all get to know each other. In a strange way, serendipity brought them together. From Wikipedia, Serendipity means a "happy accident" or "pleasant surprise" of finding something good without looking for it. 

Here is one of the quotes from the group:

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So I am off to join this group and meet some new people from around the world...


Eating Your Own Dog Food

When you work to support other people you, you may not realize how cool the product is until you really get to use it yourself . My name is Jason and I have worked with MayFlower to support their SpamSentinel and MBE (Manage By Example) products for several years now. I personally have never had a need for anti-spam and anti-virus software on my own Domino servers. Why? I was always careful with my email addresses, I never get spam. I only sign up for things using my gmail account in order to keep all the junk on Google's servers.

Here's where things changed recently after a very poor decision on my part to use my business email to sell an elliptical and bowflex on craigslist. Anytime I sell something on craigslist, I use my gmail address. For some reason, this time, I entered in the wrong address. My heart dropped. The capta was verified! I was getting 6-12 messages day in my inbox from women named Sasha who had "tagged me" as their favorite on Russian dating sites. Although I am single, I have never been on a Russian dating website, and although I appreciated all the attention from the spammers (and I'll admit, some of the pictures), I soon realized that I now, after nearly 5 years, needed an anti-spam/anti-virus product! I cannot imagine the questioning I would get from my daughters if they went up to my computer to play a harmless game and saw the emails that had come in over night.

Thankfully I didn't have to look far. I of course downloaded and installed SpamSentinel (enhanced with MBE) to a checking machine run on a VM. This is my configuration because I run Domino on Linux (since Linux is sweet, free and what every small business likes). I found myself being the customer. I configured SpamSentinel and MBE. My spam stopped cold. I can say that I do, at times, miss daily emails from Sasha and the crew of "whatever DOT ru, " I don't miss the time it took to weed through those 6-12 emails per day.

What I'm even more excited about is that I am now using manage by example in a real-world situation where I see it working and saving me time. It knows my preferred senders, those go to my in-box. It sends my newsletters to the newsletters folder. If I want a sender to go to junk, I just drag it! MBE is saving me time! It's making SpamSentinel work even better. I get it now.



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