Canned Replies for Lotus Notes

One of the most popular features of Gmail is "Canned Responses", which are "official" answers to Frequently Asked Questions. It allows a Help Desk or Sales staff to provide more complete answers every time they reply. So I asked myself "Can this be done in Lotus Notes"? Well, the answer is "Yes" and we have done it!

We call it Canned Replies. It installs as a Lotus Notes Sidebar App* in about 2 minutes. It allows us to create high quality replies quickly while maintaining consistency among our staff. Now, when a user asks a question, we can reply directly from our knowledge base via our Sidebar App and have fast, uniform, quality replies every time!

Canned Replies are rich text and can include any color text or different FONTS, italics  or any   A picture named M2   You can add a Word or PDF (or any other) attachment or even send an embedded link to a movie!  All of the replies are stored in a simple Lotus Notes database, that can be edited and shared with others on a Domino server. You can make your own "Replies" private for your own use only,  or public to be shared with your team.

We are giving the software away for free at the Everything Email blog site.  The software is ad supported, so please consider the sponsors if you like and use the software. We are also making a "no ad" version available for $49 per user with support starting year 2 at $25 per year.

A lot of people ask me, "Who can use Canned Replies?"    Here are some examples that apply to most organizations:

Internal Departments
Human Resources Retirements
Holiday Schedule
Benefits Questions
Vacation Policy
Rejection letters
Acceptance Letters
Contracts as Attachments
Information Technology Telephone Menus
Voice Mail
Off Hours Support
Login Information and Passwords
Reception Directions to the Office
Catering Cafeteria Menus
Legal General internal & external communications
Routine disclaimers
NDA letters or PDF Attachments

External Facing Departments
Sales Product Data Sheets
Product Information
General Terms and Conditions
Product Announcements
PDF attachments with Product Literature
Customer Support
Public Relations Press Releases
Accept/Reject Guest Blog Requests
Request for Media Interview
Request for Charitable Donations
Customer Support Greetings
Product FAQs
Support Hours
Product Fixes and Patches
Knowledge Base Items
PDF attachments with Technical Literature

Watch a One Minute Video of Canned Reply in action:

Help Desk and sales support questions never end. The Canned Replies Lotus Notes Sidebar app makes creating standardized, quality replies fast and quick.

To install Canned Reply Sidebar for Lotus Notes, go to this web page:


*Runs on Lotus Notes 8.5.2 or higher, and supports Windows, Macintosh and Linux Clients.



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