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Worldwide Spam Volume Down 60% !!!


One spam controlling source, McColo in San Jose, was shut down. The result was that the botnet it controls basically had nothing to do. This botnet is responsible for 60% of spam, and its demise means everyone is noticing a 60% drop in spam worldwide in one single day! We have noticed it internally, dropping from 250K message daily to 90K.

Our phones are ringing with SpamSentinel customers who want to know where their spam is. Well, it never arrived in the first place!

Maybe if we can get 3 or 4 more of these firms shut down, I can take a vacation!

Seriously, though, I fear for the millions of rogue computers who no longer have a way to phone home to McColo. What if they have some malicious code built in if they cannot communicate to the controlling servers for x days? Sort of like a rogue army, with no leader?

I would prefer that they self-destruct, but, alas, that is just wishful thinking.


Gravatar Image6 - I'm still laughing at "...customers who want to know where their spam is". For sure, I don't care where spam is, but I'm sure we all would miss it!

Maybe in Lotusphere 2009 we'll see the MayFlower crowd singing hand in hand (to the tunes of John Lennon's Imagine):
"Imagine all the people
living with NO spam ..."

Gravatar Image5 - Since the server is identified shouldn't the state of California be investigating the owners of the equipment out of service and see where that trail reads.
Oh I forgot the state is celebrating that the gay marriage stuff got voted down and have booked the same hotels as the investment firms that have received a kabillion dollars of government handout/bailout money because they made "bad investment(s)"

Gravatar Image4 - Well as one spammer gets pulled, another one takes his place.

Our spam count today so far is 1273, with 1073 the total for all yesterday, midnight to midnight.

Gravatar Image3 - @2 - Hey Frank, that doesn't rhyme! How about this?

Imagine there's no spam mail
It's easy if you try
But it's much more likely
You'll see a large pig fly

Some may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I think one day we'll be spam free
But not until email is gone!


Gravatar Image2 - Confirmed that number of spams also reduced from 150k to just 25-35k a day as well (just on one server :p)

Gravatar Image1 - @1 Cesar I love it!

Imagine there's no spam
it's easy if you try
No Viagra or Health Pills
no phishing, too!

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