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The $1,000 Pizza


OK, so I fired up the brick pizza oven this past weekend. It was all new to me so I worried about how to fire the oven and make the dough (by hand). I worked on the toppings to use and how close to the fire to put the pizza. I read a lot on line at sites like Forno Bravo, and had a lot of ideas, maybe too many. But experience is a great teacher, and I got pretty good at making pizza in the oven after a few tries. Everyone who dropped by our house got a chance to make their own pizza and watch it cook in the brick oven.

Here is a video of the first firing and the making of that first pizza (look for the "Notes Floats My Boat" Lotusphere koozi in the video):

The $1,000 Pizza
As my son Dominic and I were admiring our first pizza creation, I joked with him that we were eating a $1,000 pizza. He asked me how this one pizza could cost $1,000? Well, below I have a tally of the costs it took to make that first pizza.

A picture named M2
Dominic and Frank admiring a $1,000 pizza.

Here are the details of the $1,000 Pizza:

Oven Construction
250 fire bricks
 $    250
640 pounds (8 bags) Cement and mortar
 $    100
Wood for arch frame
 $     50
 $     20
Wood for firing the Oven
1/2 cord wood
 $    250
 $     15
lighting torch
 $     25
Cooking Essentials
60" pizza peel
 $    110
60" fire poker
 $     80
60" whisk broom
 $     40
Pizza Ingredients
Italian flour
 $     20
Italian tomatoes
 $     20
 $     20
Total for one pizza:
 $ 1,000

But it was worth every penny in the fun we all had!


Gravatar Image4 - I'm just wondering how this oven is holding up. Please mail me if you would as I am building one for my Italian wife for valentines day

Thanks you

Gravatar Image3 - I've heard that some Pizza ingredients are formulated to effect your Brain's decision about being full. So, once you start eating Pizza, you can't stop and want more... Just something I heard.

Thanks for your story.. Dave

Gravatar Image2 - I am always hungry when I look at such delicious things!Emoticon

Gravatar Image1 - mmmmm, now I'm hungry for pizza. Nice work.

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