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Department of Justice Takes Action to Disable Coreflood Botnet


The FBI issued a press release (I didn't know that the FBI wrote "press releases").  Here are some excerpts from that press release:

"Coreflood allows infected computers to be controlled remotely for the purpose of stealing private personal and financial information from unsuspecting computer users, including users on corporate computer networks, and using that information to steal funds."

"The seizure of the Coreflood servers and Internet domain names is expected to prevent criminals from using Coreflood or computers infected by Coreflood for their nefarious purposes,"

"Coreflood is a particularly harmful type of malicious software that records keystrokes and private communications on a computer. Once a computer is infected with Coreflood, it can be controlled remotely from another computer, known as a command and control (C & C) server. A computer infected by Coreflood and subject to remote control is referred to as a "bot," short for "robot." According to information contained in court filings, the group of all computers infected with Coreflood is known as the Coreflood botnet, which is believed to have been operating for nearly a decade and to have infected more than two million computers worldwide. "

Read the full press release, here:

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