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Sony Goes After the Hackers


Sony, after being hacked for over 100 million names (!!!), and  faced with this triple threat:

1. Shutting down their Playstation network
2. Having customer data stolen. and
3. U.S. Congress demanding more information for an investigation.

This is too big to be swept under a rug, so Sony has decided to hire some experts in computer forensics to try to trace the theft back to the hackers (thieves), by hiring Guidance Software "The World Leader in Digital Forensics" and Data Forte , headed by a former NCIS Special Agent Peter Garza .  

A picture named M2 My reply is "BRAVO!"

If Sony just rolls over and lets this happen, then they are encouraging these thieves to attack again. I would be even more aggressive in chasing these crooks, offering $1 million dollar awards for information about the hackers. A reward may cause anyone involved to turn on their counterparts. Even if Sony paid this out to 100 different people, it would cost a lot less than the Public Relations damage, and if it leads to some arrests, the public might forgive them, or at least feel that some good has come of this.  I would also like the money trail from the inevitable fraudulent credit card charges tracked back to the hackers and use that to arrest them.  

Alternatively, this hacker group might ask for a "ransom" to return the data, which could be a considerable amount of money. Sony should pretend to agree to pay this while working in parallel with government resources to track down and arrest those making the ransom demands.

So, if the only deterrent to future hackers is a firewall or a password, then there is not a lot of disincentive for a criminal to stop hacking into Sony systems.  However, if they are at risk of being arrested and jailed, they might be less willing to take the risk, and at least won't mess around with Sony anymore.


Gravatar Image1 - It looks like Sony is considering a reward, accoring to All Things Digital's Arik Hesseldahl:

"Sony is considering offering a reward for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of the attackers, people familiar with the matter say."

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