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Eating Your Own Dog Food

When you work to support other people you, you may not realize how cool the product is until you really get to use it yourself . My name is Jason and I have worked with MayFlower to support their SpamSentinel and MBE (Manage By Example) products for several years now. I personally have never had a need for anti-spam and anti-virus software on my own Domino servers. Why? I was always careful with my email addresses, I never get spam. I only sign up for things using my gmail account in order to keep all the junk on Google's servers.

Here's where things changed recently after a very poor decision on my part to use my business email to sell an elliptical and bowflex on craigslist. Anytime I sell something on craigslist, I use my gmail address. For some reason, this time, I entered in the wrong address. My heart dropped. The capta was verified! I was getting 6-12 messages day in my inbox from women named Sasha who had "tagged me" as their favorite on Russian dating sites. Although I am single, I have never been on a Russian dating website, and although I appreciated all the attention from the spammers (and I'll admit, some of the pictures), I soon realized that I now, after nearly 5 years, needed an anti-spam/anti-virus product! I cannot imagine the questioning I would get from my daughters if they went up to my computer to play a harmless game and saw the emails that had come in over night.

Thankfully I didn't have to look far. I of course downloaded and installed SpamSentinel (enhanced with MBE) to a checking machine run on a VM. This is my configuration because I run Domino on Linux (since Linux is sweet, free and what every small business likes). I found myself being the customer. I configured SpamSentinel and MBE. My spam stopped cold. I can say that I do, at times, miss daily emails from Sasha and the crew of "whatever DOT ru, " I don't miss the time it took to weed through those 6-12 emails per day.

What I'm even more excited about is that I am now using manage by example in a real-world situation where I see it working and saving me time. It knows my preferred senders, those go to my in-box. It sends my newsletters to the newsletters folder. If I want a sender to go to junk, I just drag it! MBE is saving me time! It's making SpamSentinel work even better. I get it now.


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