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Why Testing Everything is Important

So this blog is being targeted by spammers to advertise their products. I don't get a lot of comments, so I made the default ACL "Readers" to stop the spam overnight and moved on to the next thing on my Agenda.

I did not bother to test the blog by creating a comment because I knew it would work.  Until it didn't.

Moral of the story: Make changes and test them, or as a customer told me on my first week as a consultant:

Don't expect it if you don't inspect it.

Still good advice today.

Below is what I saw this morning.

A picture named M2


Gravatar Image4 - Maybe a captcha? Have some JS that would do a basic math one if you want it....

Gravatar Image3 - @2 good point. Maybe an anti-spam vendor can invent a good comment filter?

Gravatar Image2 - Moderating does not stop Spam bots from posting "useful" comments. This can become quite annoying.

Gravatar Image1 - I now have comments set to "moderated", and this is the test of that setting ;)

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