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Canned Reply for CPA and Accounting Firms

In my continuing effort to help customers get a better return on their Lotus Notes investment, we have tuned our Canned Reply offering for CPAs and Accounting Firms.

Let's take a look at how a CPA firm would use Canned Replies for Lotus Notes.

Many CPA firms answer routine customer questions about tax questions via email. A common question asked by many customers relates to changing tax laws and deductions.

Busy tax accountants might be tempted to answer with a short answer, as the question appears to be "simple" to them, the trained professional. But often a customer wants more details.

So, this CPA firm has created over 100 Canned Replies that they share among other tax accountants and CPAs at their firm. These allow fast, uniform, quality replies every time! And their clients appreciate a complete, thorough answer. And these replies can be done in less than one minute. It is a win-win situation. Fast, complete replies save the CPA time, and the customer gets useful information.

More information is available here:

High Definition link:


Gravatar Image1 - We are looking at this in the Netherlands for doing IT support. It seems suitable and a good deal of the questions that we reply to via email.

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