SpamSentinel Brochure


This is the brochure we used at Lotusphere 2008.  It has 2 excellent customer quotes,  the best is this one from Josh Currier at Munters:

“Before switching to SpamSentinel, our anti-spam solution required so much administrative attention that I was spending 10 hours a week managing it.  Now, on a bad week I might spend 10 minutes and on average it's more like 10 minutes per month.  

The ease of administration is only half of this pretty picture, though!  Since we are a Lotus Notes shop and SpamSentinel was designed specifically for Lotus Notes, we haven't had to do any
end-user training!  

Let's face it, stopping spam isn't always considered a critical part of the business.  It's an annoyance, so why waste any more time on it?  SpamSentinel is fast, efficient, and has afforded me the ability to spend my time on more important issues”.


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