NotesAppStore Sidebar Widget


NotesAppStore Sidebar Widget (find the widget at the bottom of this page)

There now is a sidebar application for the NotesAppStore to let people browse the great Lotus Notes and Domino Apps right from the Notes client.

Here is what it looks like. It has access to all the main functionality of the site:

A picture named M2

Installation of the NotesAppStore Widget

To install the NotesAppStore widget, ensure that the My Widgets panel is visible in the Sidebar (to make it visible,  choose File - Preferences - Widgets and select the 'Show Widget Toolbar and the My Widgets Sidebar panel' checkbox)

A picture named M3

and then drag the attachment(s) into the My Widgets sidebar panel:

A picture named M4

After dropping the xml file, you will see an icon.

A picture named M5

Right click the icon, select Open in, then select Sidebar Panel.

A picture named M6
  • Once open in the Sidebar, the application remains open.

The Widget is below:

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